World New Trend: Trampoline Park

Trampoline park, the world’s newest and trendy entertainment trend! The pleasure of jumping meets sport! These playgrounds, which appeal to a long age group, have become an indispensable hobby for everyone who opposes gravity. It is an area where everyone who wants to get rid of the tiredness of daily city life can spend hours and offers the privilege of doing sports while having fun.

 Antalya Park continues its designs with the awareness that the best way to support body development and to make children love to move is to combine it with fun. restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and indoor playgrounds, which are popular with playgrounds, are now adding trampoline parks to create more productive playgrounds. For your children to spend quality time and have fun and do sports, you will not choose any other area than trampoline park. Spending time in the park is also recommended by doctors as a very useful exercise for the children to gain flexibility and strengthen their joints.

   It is very important for the healthy development that children sitting in school all day throw away their energy. Families have started to prefer trampoline facilities. One of the most beloved parts of family-owned businesses and game entertainment centers, this great entertainment has become a trend all over the world. Each family began to move towards these areas, which aimed at both the quality of the child’s time and the movement and development of the body.


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How can you clear soft play area?

Nowadays soft play areas are increasing very fastly. Soft play areas are very famous between children and teens. Children and teens want to different playground and activities. Soft play area provides it. Because soft play areas include many activities and different games. For example; soft play areas include sponge hole, climbing wall, slides and labyrinth. These activities should be clearing very carefully.

Soft play activities should be clearing very carefully because, parents take care of playground cleaning. If a soft play manager wants to more profit, it should be cleaning own playground everyday. We will handle this situation for soft play manufacturer and soft play manager.

Which cleaning materials should I use when cleaning soft play area?

If you have a soft play area, you have to attention about cleaning. Because children are very sensitive against dirties and ills. So how we can protect from dirties at playgrounds?

  • Soft play area’s workers should clean playground and toys everyday.
  • They must use organic cleaning materials. They mustn’t use chemical materials because children can be allergy.
  • Soft play areas have to be cleaning from the before playing time.
  • Don’t use oil and such.
  • Don’t use acid.

What should soft play manufacturer doing during manufacturing for cleaning?

Firstly soft play manufacturer should prepare cleaning guide. Manufacturer must tell to customers “How they will cleaning soft play area?”. In the literature, there are many different types for cleaning soft play area. Manufacturer should benefit from this literatür articles for own customer.

Customer wants to different services from soft play supplier. Because customer wants to establish partnership about everything. Nowadays customers want to buy a product including everything in soft play equipment package. That’s why soft play manufacturers have to provide everything and they should be planned for all stages of marketing.

soft play area
soft play area


Soft play areas need to cleaning regular. Also this is very important for manufacturers and customers. Because children are affected from the dirties. Maybe they have a allergy to dirties. Customer cannot to know all children habits or illness. That’s why manufacturers and customers should be attention to cleaning.


International Trampoline Park Manufacturer
Trampoline manufacture and technology


trampoline park manufacturer

Trampoline park manufacturer should be attention competition and quality.

Nowadays international trade is growing fastly. This shows, production and consumption is increasing. This production and consumption increase are including all industry. But we will not examine all ındustries at this post. We will examine international entertainment ındustry. Entertainment industry is growing more than other ındustry. Because this industry appeal toall people. At the last times some entertainment types have been preferringmore than other entertainment types. One of them is trampoline parks.

Trampoline parks are very fun and safe playgrounds. That’s why these areas are preferring more than other playgrounds. Also these areasbenefit to make sport to children. Sport is very important to child development. So they should make sport. Trampoline areas provide to make training for manyathletics type. Especially indoor sports types need trampoline areas. But trampoline parks should be sturdy for making these activities.

Trampoline park manufacturer should use quality raw materials when producing trampoline area. At the same time manufacturer should comply with the European standard. Because European standards are accepted worldwide.Manufacturer should have EN 1176 and EN 1177 certificates. These certificatesvery important for soft play areas and trampoline parks. Because thesecertificates show european standards.

If trampoline park manufacturer want to export products world,she\he should be attention production stages. Especially these stages are very significant. Firstly design should be aesthetic. Also design must fit real trampoline area. Secondly is production. Production is also very significant for during manufacturing trampoline parks. If production isn’t quality, all works go to trash. Because production is very important for customer. If thirdly is installation. Installation must be perfect. Because customer willsee the product in installation place. That’s why installation employees shouldbe very equipped and resourceful. So manufacturer must be attention these threestages.

trampoline park manufacturer
trampoline park manufacturer


As a result entertainment ındustry is growing fastly. Therefore trampoline manufacturers must beattention. Because competition is growing like entertainment ındustry.  Ifmanufacturers don’t differentiation, competition will crush their. For this, trampoline area manufacturers must be spherical.

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Trampoline manufacture and technology


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In the globalizing world trampoline areas are increasing everyday. The main reason for the increase, change of children’s entertainment habits. Because nowadays children playgrounds are decreasing. Parks are very boring for kids. That’s why children are changing own game preferences. Also children prefer new technological game devices. This situation is affecting children to bad way. Because they stay at home and play with technological devices. This also affect to children’s growing. However trampoline areas are finding a solution this problem.

Trampoline areas benefit for kids and teens. Children spend energy at this areas. In this way children can make sport. That’s why trampoline areas must be safe and quality. Therefore technology is necessary for trampoline manufacture. Technology is very beneficial for trampoline manufacture.

Trampoline manufacture and technology between the relationship

Trampoline areas are very flexible areas. This flexibility provide to make comfortable movement to children. Children can make gymnastic movement. But parents or customers should be careful some things. For example they should attention trampoline area’s safety and quality. Technology is required for the safe and quality of trampoline areas. Because technology is making easy to most of the stages. Some of these are design, production and assembly.

Design team need design programme for making design. The programme is product of technology. Production need another design programme for making draw trampoline equipments. Assembly team need to technological tool for making installation. So trampoline areas need to technology for every stage. Trampoline manufacturer should careful about it and trampoline manufacturer should careful to invest technology.

trampoline manufacture and technology
trampoline manufacture and technology


Trampoline areas are more preferable at today. Children want to more play in trampoline areas. This propensity is protecting children from technological devices. In this way trampoline areas bring social life to children. However Trampoline areas must be safe and quality. Therefore trampoline manufacturer need technology for manufacture.