Maintain your indoor playground for long term

Maintenance of indoor playground is an important factor in the playground industry. As an owner of the play area, you can take all possible steps to make your home beautiful.

Here we have shared a checklist for maintenance of toys for your consideration.

Plush and soft toy centers are relatively new members of the indoor soft playground industry. As the only manufacturer of software sites in the world, we can give you more suggestions to improve the barrier-free environment of the playground and attract more visitors.

The business is ready to respond to seasonal changes. Especially in the monsoon and summer when more tourists arrive.

Pay attention to cleaning a clean and neat play area will definitely attract more tourists. Parents’ choice of security is more important than anything, and a neat playing space can expand your market

. The soft playground has several types of equipment on a production line, so maintaining sterility should be top priority.

Before cleaning the device, be sure to read the device’s instruction manual. Complex game structures require proper cleaning methods to avoid damage.

Cleaning plan

Soft wash equipment should clean regularly.We recommend to use vacuum cleaners in play areas and indoor areas because dirt on the play equipment can damage the equipment.

The indoor game structure must dust every day, and the ball must be thoroughly clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. There must be hand sanitizer in the play area and children are encouraging to wash their hands before play.

The surface of the game equipment must be cleaned with disinfectant. Especially tunnel structures, handlebars, eyelashes and slides that children touch with bare hands. The trampoline and bridge surfaces also require regular dust removal.

Divide the dining area

If your play area has a party area and a cafeteria, please place it as a separate unit. It is best to keep food away from rides. The cleaning area should be clearly separated, because children may slip if they get wet with their hands.

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